Verses for the Week

September 23-24, 2017
Christ and His Kingdom
In the Book of the Prophet Isaiah
(Part II – Chapters 13-48)
Section 1 (Chapters 13 to 27):
The Judgment of LORD of Hosts
on the Nations and on the Whole Earth
I.  Chapters 13 to 23 – God’s judgment on the nations
    surrounding Jerusalem
    D.  Judgment on Moab (Is. 15-16), Damascus (Is. 17),
          Ethiopia (Is. 18), Egypt (Is. 19-20),
          Dumah <Edom> and Arabia (Is. 21)
    E.  Oracle against the Valley of Vision – Jerusalem (Is. 22)
         1. Deplorable condition: not trusting and not depending
             on God (vv. 12-14)
         2. The unfaithful and treacherous steward Shebna
             driven out of office (v. 19) and replaced with the
             faithful Eliakim – a type of Christ (vv. 20-24; Is. 9:6;
             Heb. 3:1-6; Rev. 3:7-8)